2 student showing thumb against exam

Intelligent & detailed
Learning plans on…

  • Wellness Techniques to always stay in control.
  • Coping With Exam Stress
  • Nutrition Awareness & Implementation.
  • Understanding Body Language & Signals.
  • Bully Awareness & Prevention Techniques (ONLINE & OFFLINE)
  • Assertive Personality Development Methodologies
  • Mindfulness.
  • Understanding Reasonable Force.
  • Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Techniques.
  • Substance Abuse Awareness & Prevention Techniques.
  • Physical Survival & Exit Strategy Techniques.
  • Crisis Management Survival Techniques.

THE CSS PROGRAM also provides

for the School Children.

a student in children awareness program


  • Identifying through the 5 senses : Sight/Touch/ Taste/Smell/Sound
  • Being aware of potentially threatening/predatory behaviour in personal surroundings
  • Wellness Techniques to stay in control
  • Understanding the psychological & manipulative techniques of predators
  • Changing the negative mindset of potential bullies and the abusers to a positive one at a young age
a student showing stop againt cyber bullying in schools


  • Identifying and using practical and realistic measures to avoid being subjected to bullying, insult, abuse and other forms of threatening behaviour.
  • Understanding the impact of cyber-bullying and being aware of digital age responsibilities.
a student smiling on the class of survival skills


  • Identifying and employing exit strategies towards behaviour indicative of violence or bullying.
  • Learning and applying assertive verbal or physical defence measures as deemed necessary.
  • Understanding what REASONABLE FORCE is in the legal system as well as legal rights and learning how to use them.