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The CSS PROGRAM introduces the A.I.Q CONCEPT through its innovative learning plans.


Awareness Implementation Quotient


The 4 Step CSS Process

CSS Program Process


Constructive Knowledge

Providing knowledge in a structured, systematic & relatable manner to clearly understand and lay a firm foundation of the knowledge concept.

The CSS program has been uniquely designed in such a way that a child can easily relate to the knowledge provided as it is age-sensitive. Role Playing and interactive examples are created and illustrated for the student to connect to the topics. A systematic approach to learning is adopted where stage by stage progress can be mapped. This ensures that the knowledge is imparted in a constructive manner and a proper strong foundation is set for the child to learn.


Creative Repetition

Creating an environment towards retaining the knowledge through Disguised Repetition Processes (DRP), that is interactive, relevant, engaging & fulfilling.

The Disguised Repetition Process (DRP) ensures that the learning process is always kept interesting and relevant. Repetition is a natural human tendency for most of our learning. However, the attention span of today’s younger generation is short-lived. By using DRP, the learner understands the concepts and imbibe the knowledge through a creative and engaging process. In the CSS program, we create such an environment where the child naturally understands better with repetition in a creatively disguised form.


Deep Rooted Learning

Endeavoring that the knowledge imparted through the DRP is firmly entrenched, implanted and positively accepted within the mind space of all concerned.

Creating an environment to learn is not enough. The CSS program also envisages deep-rooted learning where DRP is firmly implanted in the minds of the learner. In deep-rooted learning, not just the child but all those concerned including the parent’s are part of the learning process too.


Systemic Reform

Enabling the knowledge entrenched within the mind space to be effectively utilized towards creating a more confident and empathetic mindset that contributes positively to the evolution and development of a healthier ecosystem.

The aim of the CSS program is not just to inform and teach. The objective of this initiative is to develop a healthy ecosystem where all involved are educated and made to understand the importance of a safer society and progressive society. This is systemic reform and it is a continuously evolving process.