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CSS Essence

Children Safety and Survival Program is a 360 degree comprehensive Life Skill Curriculum that can be imparted in parallel to the regular school studies. This is such a dynamic curricullum that it can be easily integrated into the standard school curriculum WITHOUT any extra burden or stress of studies to the child. As the entire structure is based on practical applicability, life lessons and real-life situations, the course can be easily understood, related and accepted by students.

The program involves understanding Positive Thinking, Wellness, Psychological Body Language & Behaviour, Defence & Survival Strategies, Confidence Building, Crisis and Problem Solving Abilities, etc. These are skills and attributes that are necessary during all aspects and stages of life. The CSS Program aims to help the child face any challenge he or she may face in future. Since the Programs are AGE SENSITIVE, the child will feel extremely comfortable while attending the courses and one can expect to see gradual positive changes in their attitude. The program also aims at helping students with the necessary confidence and courage to react strongly and positively to any emotional or physical blocks or pressures he or she may be facing in everyday life

CSS Program is Divided into 2 Strategic Phases

1. Child Safety Life Skills

Grades 1 to 6 - 6 Levels each including an assessment & certificate for each level.

2. Teenage Protection Life Skills

Grades 7 to 10 or 12 - 4 Levels each including an assessment & certificate for each level.

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